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  • General

    Getting Started

    • Step 1 - Create a Moodle Account

      Before you can register and complete the necessary online work for your program, you will need to create your own Moodle Account on our Career Moodle website. This is a pretty simple process but we ask that you follow the example below so that we can easily identify our users. 


      First Name: John (full first name)

      Last Name: Doe (full last name)

      Username: jdoe (first letter of your first name and your full last name)


      Note #1: You will need to check your email to confirm your Moodle account before it becomes active.

      Note #2: Once you have confirmed your Moodle account please click on the "home" link and then the link in the "Getting Started" block to navigate back to this page for instructions on how to enrol in the appropriate Moodle course for your program. 

      • Step 2 - Enrol in a Moodle Course

        Before you can complete the required work for you program you will need to enrol in the Moodle course that hosts your program information. To do this,

        1) Make sure you are logged in with your newly created Moodle Account. 

        2) Go to the Moodle course that hosts your program information. (See below)

        3) Click on the "Enrol me in this course" link found in the Administration Block of your programs Moodle course page.  

        Get started now by clicking on the appropriate link below!